Welcome to Harmonia Grief Doula, where wounded hearts are delicately cared for

Everyone will experience grief, yet it is rarely discussed causing disconnect between loved ones, and, ultimately, ourselves. Located in Canada (currently Whitehorse, Yukon), my sessions are designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit through this challenging time.

Grief can feel isolating and I am here for you.

No matter how grief has come into your life, whether you expected it or not, it completely rearranges everything. Grief comes in so many forms, and even if you expected the life change or death, grief is a total shock to the system. Grief is pain and it is love, and I am so sorry your world has been changed. It is something every single human will experience within their lives.

Your world has been flipped upside down, and even from a distance, you are not alone.

Your personal journey is unique, and I am here to honour and guide you through it, for you to embrace your emotions, find inner strength, and discover a path that is filled with hope and growth. I am a certified Grief Doula and Meditation Guide based in Canada. With compassion and understanding, I am here to support you while you navigate grief with grace, love, and nature-based spirituality to help you find solace and healing. 

As always, be gentle with your heart.