About Katy

I grew up on a beautiful farm in Southern Ontario, and from a young age was exposed to the cycle of life from finding moles and shrews that had been hunted by our cats, to understanding the love and care for an animal when choosing to have them euthanized. From the deaths of family pets, creating memorials for them (and wild animals), grieving the deaths of friends by means of accidents, substance use, suicide, and homicide, to supporting loved ones, assisting with rituals and celebration of life events, I have learned over the years how to find beauty in the heartbreaks as difficult as it is, while finding balance to show myself kindness. I have experienced grief in different forms, such as having Endometriosis, which has impacted my physical body and emotional state for many years with waves of challenges.

I have also always had a connection to spirit - not only feeling the energies of the departed, but also seeing them ever since I was very young. Sometimes they have specific messages, and other times they just appear for a moment, and it is those energies that have been expressed in many of my paintings over the years as an artist from abstracts to pet portraits.

​Grieving never ends and has no timeline. It continually changes like the seasons, and having the chance to honour and support our feelings during these times is what I am here for. You may feel broken, but there is nothing wrong with you and you don't need to be "fixed." Grief moves through our bodies and minds in different ways and can impact us in the moment or years after. There are exercises and rituals that can be done to help ease that pain in even the smallest way, and I am here for you.

From one healing heart to another,

Katy Gill

I can help you with...


Meditation allows us to acknowledge our thoughts and observe them without judgement. If you are new to meditation it can take getting used to and I am here to support you when you feel ready. Through calm imagery, you can navigate heavy emotions in a peaceful way. When grieving, we tend to hold energy throughout our body which can lead to tightness and physical pain. Breathwork, walking, light stretching, and yoga can help to relieve tension throughout the body, and, in doing so, will assist in the release of emotions.


It's important to tend to our mind and spirit in a loving way while we grieve, and it doesn't have to be complicated.

  • Expressing your feelings of grief within a safe space
  • Assisting with creating a daily routine
  • Journaling and self care


Grief is ever changing and every experience will be different. When it comes to creating ritual or memorials for our loved ones there are many things that can be done. When we feel overcome by our emotions, creating a simple ritual or memorial can be incredibly supportive and you don't have to do it alone.

  • Discussing and creating memorials that have personal meaning
  • Creating ritual that follows the moon cycles
  • Expressing yourself in artistic ways indoors and outdoors

Certifications & Training

  • ​Certified Grief Doula - International Doula Life Movement
  • Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Guide - Inspired Me 200hr Meditation Teacher Training
  • ​Yoga for Grief - My Vinyasa Practice
  • Trauma Informed Yoga - My Vinyasa Practice
  • ​Yin Yoga - Anjali Yoga