Rituals: How to Support Your Grief


Grief has no timeline; whether it has been one year, five, or twenty since a loss, we will still miss our loved ones dearly. Rituals are a lovely way to feel a connection to our loved ones, while ultimately allowing us to feel a deeper connection with ourselves as a form of self-love. Many of the rituals I list and discuss in this booklet can be done at any time of year - the death anniversary, a birthday, holiday celebrations, or even prior to a death such as someone who is in hospice, who will receive MAID, or a pet who will be euthanized. Each ritual can be catered to the individuality of your loved one and your relationship, and can be done either by yourself or with a group of loved ones for a sense of loving community. As always, be gentle with your heart and take your time.

12 pages, including cover.